The OM Foundation strives to keep Optimistic Om’s spirit alive and bring smiles, positive attitudes, and the power of perseverance to children, especially those dealing with a life-altering illness. We also strive to foster a positive and supportive environment, as well as create, support and encourage programs that provide opportunities for school children to engage in an exemplary positive environment in our school system, which can later be expanded to the county, state and national level. The OM Foundation also promotes cancer awareness through education about post-diagnosis as well as preventative measures, and supports research that focuses on preventing and/or terminating childhood cancer. We will also provide service opportunities to help students get involved in our cause and strengthen our community in coming together to support those in need. 

The OM Foundation works with various individuals and organizations in the community, as well as with the Mayor's Office, school district, library, etc. to create an environment that exemplifies positive attitude, kindness and encourages the spread of these attitudes, particularly among young people. In just a few short months of the OM Foundation being active, this idea of altruism has spread across the town among people of all ages. Check out the activities page to see what we've done so far!