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2022 week of optimism at MTMS

February 7-11 was the Week of Optimism at MTMS and it was a huge success! The students decorated all 1900 lockers with positivity post-it notes, painted rocks to place in Thompson Park during our annual 5K, made posters, and decorated 27 classroom doors for a door decorating contest! To end the week, the Parikh Family visited the school on Friday, February 11th to see all the optimistic decorations and judge the door decorating contest. They also got a chance to hear from the students all the ways they are choosing to stay optimistic and spread kindness during the week and beyond! Friday was also Hat Day, and students and staff donated and raised over $1000 to wear hats at school that day. We are incredibly impressed by and grateful for all of the hard work the students and staff put in. Thank you MTMS for your enthusiasm to spread positivity and keep Om’s memory alive!

Pictured: The Parikh Family, MTMS staff, and students pose in front of one of the optimism murals at the school on the last day of Optimism Week.


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