"Thank you Om Foundation for the generous sports scholarship in loving memory of Om Parikh . . . Om's optimism is reflected in the attitude of individuals who fight their challenges everyday."

                                                                    - Ria Alathur, U.S. Special Olympics Gold Medalist

"Your son was a beautiful boy with a beautiful spirit... and you let him live on through you every day."

                                                                    - Grace Albano, aunt of DeLuca family children

"One of the most beautiful things in the world is the smile of a child. when a child fighting for life is smiling, there are no words to describe how powerful that smile is. Om's message of strength and positive attitude inspired us to do something meaningful in his loving memory."

                                                                    - Ambika Sukla, Chairperson for 2018 Om Memorial 5K

"From the moment Om stepped into my classroom, I knew he was one of a kind. His smile seemed to enter before he did, and an aura of light surrounded his being. My life forever changed that day. Working with Om as he went through his treatments taught me about resilience of the human spirit and the power of optimism . . . . 'Don't cry because it's over, but rather smile because it happened,' are the words that come to mind when I think fond of my friend, my teacher: Om."

                                                                    - Julianne LeBron, 6th grade Social Studies teacher

"In the face of the most unfair, cruel fate any person-- let alone someone so young-- should face, Om smiled. He laughed. He told jokes. And remarkably, he spoke of the future . . . He was willing to fight and believed in better days ahead."

                                                                    - Christine Viszoki, 8th grade Social Studies teacher